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Injection Mold Design *

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Mold Design Considerations

Plastic part Injection Mold Design at Dymotek involves more than the Using advanced tools and software, our engineers will design—or aid you in designing—a mold that creates a quality part through careful planning of every detail, including appearance, function, and manufacturing efficiency.

We can also review your CAD files or part drawings to identify any quality issues if present. Finally, we can conduct a detailed mold-flow analysis to simulate the material's broadest range of the proposed injection molding – allowing us to predict potential manufacturing defects and problems before the launch of actual product.

Injection Mold Design

Plastic injection mold design considerations include:

Draft Features: We understand how angled surfaces can help or hinder efficient removal of your part from the mold.

Wall Thickness: We can control uniform wall thickness to prevent uneven shrinking, wall intersection sinking, and more.

Radii and Corners Integrity: We incorporate the proper geometry to ensure uniform wall thickness at curves and corners.

Ribs: We implement precise rib dimensions to reduce shrinkage and also reduce mold fill time while still providing process and handling integrity.

Weld Lines: Our understanding of how to control these important intersections to eliminate cracks and stress fracture.

Flashless Requirements: We can design and implement vacuum-assisted molding techniques that produce flashless molding results.

Runnerless Molding: We can design mold solutions that produce runnerless parts through a molding process that improves quality, eliminates material waste and defects, and reduces cost.

* (for non-medical products only)

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