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Dymotek Fulfillment Solutions

deliver integrated and precise inventory and distribution management


With years of experience in supply chain management, our logistics team efficiently manages product sourcing, manufacturing, and product shipping.

We offer software, technology and automated-process alternatives that reduce the cost, time, and error-rate common in non-value added fulfillment activities.

Dymotek Fulfillment Solutions

Materials Resource Planning (MRP) + Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our MRP and ERP programs establish a reliable client interface for a real-time review of all non-value added ordering and fulfillment.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) + Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

VIM and EDI provide multi-location, multi-level inventory management to ensure maximum productivity by eliminating oversights that typically cause project delays.

Direct + International Shipping

Dymotek combines the economies of a multi-location warehouse for high-volume, common inventory with on-demand production and delivery of inventory. When needed, we combine domestic and international transportation expertise to provide on-time parts delivery anywhere in the world.

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