Silicone Molding

cured rubber silicone with low compression set

Liquid Silicone Molding

Silicone MoldingSilicone rubber is a preferred molding material due to its dimensional integrity, flexibility, wide range of temperature resistance, and impressive chemical resistance. Working with a material with such a low compression set requires precise control of mold time, air pressure, and temperature.

Our experience with ultra-precision thermoplastic injection molding allows us to effectively and efficiently use silicone rubber to mold parts in multiple configurations. Using a number of techniques, we produce a reliable, accurate and repeatable mold.

Technical Approach

The technical approach that Dymotek takes to silicone rubber injection molding is founded on scientific molding disciplines. We understand the unique and important characteristics that make liquid silicone rubber such a tricky but very desirable material, and carefully consider the silicone rubber's "point of view" in order to create identical parts with efficiency and consistency. Through this approach, we consider all molding variables while evaluating four critical application components:

  1. Design: structural integrity of proposed piece/part
  2. Material: silicone grade, characteristics range, and intended final application
  3. Tooling: design, construction, and anticipated life cycle
  4. Process: molding and assembly with attention to temperature, flow rate, flash pressure tolerance, and cooling/handling time

Working with you as an extension of your company, we conduct this process with focus on important project objectives including budget, deadlines, part volume, and final assembly needs. This approach provides the important ability to detect problematic areas early in order to keep your program on track with minimal prototype or production revisions. The result is a silicone molding solution built around a strategy that will allow you to become and remain competitive in your marketplace. 

Runnerless Molding

Eliminate the time and resources traditionally needed for runner and bracket attached molds with runnerless molding. Runnerless molding uses nearly 100 percent of the silicone rubber material, offering you significant cost-savings.

Flashless Molding

Eliminate the unsightly and often function-impairing "parting line" with flashless molding. Dymotek uses special tooling and mold designs that prevent excess material from escaping, which stops silicone waste, reduces material costs and labor costs associated with trimming excess materials.

This technique achieves a heat-induced chemical bond superior to incorporating a secondary adhesion process, an important factor for mission-critical part applications. With flash-removal handling concerns gone, our team will design and mold your part with intricate and predictable characteristics only achievable with flashless silicone molding.

2-Shot Silicone Molding

Solve your assembly problems and reduce assembly operations with 2-Shot silicone molding. Dymotek carefully controls the molding dynamics of each material – silicone rubber and thermoplastic resins - to create a single part that delivers performance, production, and feature advantages.

2-Shot silicone molding reduces waste associated with assembly defects, reduces costs associated with assembly procedures, improves the chemical bond between two materials, improves tactile performance, and offers greater design flexibility and options.

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