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Dymotek Hires LSR Pro Daniel Schölmberger

After a 2-year silicone hiatus, Schölmberger is back to help Dymotek develop LSR 2.0

Ellington, Conn. (Sept. 29, 2020) –– Dymotek Corp., a custom molder focused on the demanding niche of liquid silicone molding, has hired well-known industry veteran Daniel Schölmberger to help it further develop its next-generation LSR and two-shot molding technologies. Schölmberger brings 22 years of engineering, technical sales, marketing and project management experience in the plastics industry, more than 14 of which were in the silicone business.

Schölmberger worked for most of his career in his native Austria, the silicone mold-making capital of the world. He moved to Southern California in 2012, before leaving the industry in mid-2018 to pursue other interests, including running his own consulting and coaching called BrainSells LLC. He also worked in digital marketing for an international training company, and earned several certificates in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), an advanced communication training approach.

Now he's agreed to work with Dymotek –– the only U.S.-based LSR company that he says he would consider joining in such a capacity.

"After we implemented a reasonable economic defense in response to the unfolding situation with COVID-19," said Dymotek CEO Norm Forest, "we knew it was time to play offense again. When it came to Daniel, we knew him well from 14-plus years of working with him as our main contact on many challenging silicone projects, so it was not so much a question of if but how to get him on board."

Dymotek's current game plan involves three primary areas of focus –– technology development, sales, and marketing, and Schölmberger brings valuable expertise to each, according to Dymotek Chief Technology Officer Victor Morando.

As for sales, Morando says that its business development is inextricably linked with technical expertise and understanding of the boundaries of silicone, plastic and part design, which directly translates into tooling capabilities.

"Silicone is a paradigm-shifting technology," notes Morando. "Many product designers don't fully understand silicone and how it differs from plastic. We're pushing the boundaries in more functional elements, and shrinking form factors in such sectors as wearable devices, microsurgery and critical care."

Schölmberger adds: "Everything starts with the right technology and supplier choices but, after that, the magic of processing high-performance silicone molds is in cleaning and maintenance."

"Honestly," continues Schölmberger, who brings vast market knowledge, "Dymotek's technological approach, level and density of mold-project-specific automation equipment, both pre- and post-molding, is unlike anything I've seen in the Americas."

Dymotek is not only a pioneering innovator in this space, but it strives to be an ambassador, as well. It stands to benefit from Schölmberger's extensive marketing and communications experience to get the message out about these novel two-shot molding and micromolding technologies.

"Now," says Schölmberger, "my aim is to help Dymotek create and exploit the next generation of product and process development in this space –– what we're calling 'Silicone & Plastic/LSR 2-Shot Molding 2.0'. I'm delighted to be back in the industry. This is going to be fun!"

About Dymotek Corp.

Founded in 1990, Dymotek Corp. is a highly automated custom molder focused on liquid silicone rubber molding, plastics injection molding, and two-shot molding. It is increasingly active in the high-precision field of two-shot micromolding of both plastic and silicone. Dymotek's two Connecticut factories, in Ellington and Somers, together run 31 injection presses with clamping forces ranging from 15-550 tons. The company serves a diverse client base in the medical, electronics, food and beverage, commercial, telecommunications and all product pioneers.

For more details, contact: Victor Morando, or cell (413) 519 7310.
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